Gearles is a full service machining company that is an expert in developing unique process for complex, difficult to make and precision parts for the aerospace, automotive and oil industries.

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Full in-house and machining capabilities to comply with high demand and delivery of Aerospace and Defense companies.


We have produced the necessary components for our customers innovations, (from prototypes to mass production and wheels to engine components) without compromise.

Oil, Gas & Renewables

Gearles has been supplying decades of custom gears, pumps, shafts for Oil and Gas providers that ensure the lasting quality.

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From .020 to 50 inches in diameter up to 140 inches in one cut helical, spline, serration, spur, sprocket, face gears, and many more types


Gearles uses vertical and horizontal broaching machines. Producing gears, splines and various shapes including, but not limited to hexes, squares, rounds, D and DD. Rotary broaching of splines, torx and hexes can be integrated in our CNC machining processes.


Gearles has not exceeded our range of ability. Things we work with are: ground shafts 30 feet long, 3-inch diameter, generating splines from 5-teeth to 100’s, diameters from 30-inches, spline shaft 9″diameter x 60″ long in one pass and machined a .0400 diameter gear with a .005 shaft size. More capabilities running Fellows Z gear shaper with 18-inch diameter spindle boards for large work.

CNC Machining

Gearles owns many CNC Lathes and Mills with various capabilities. Ranging from high production continuous bar loading system, to multi-axis turning and milling. We also use our larger box way machines for turning up to 15” diameter production parts. Gearles has conventional & manually operated lathes capable of parts 24” diameter, 60.00” long


Are you AS 9100 Complaint?

Gearles is currently AS 9100 complaint and in the process of receiving certification.

Can you do prototyping?

Yes, from 3D printing to machining plastic or metal parts Gearles can quickly produce your design. Take you from ideation to full working prototyping for your product launch.

Do you offer reverse engineering?

Gearles often receives orders for reverse engineering no longer available parts from either OEM or aftermarket use. We can completely replicate the damage or broken unit to repair to the original specifications.

Can you manufacture bevel gears?

Yes, there are many conditions and considerations that determine before part production and limitations. Most likely we can service your needs but please inquire about your custom job so we can inform you on the best solution possible.

I have a very custom project, think you can do it?

We specialize in the “hard to solve,” been “rejected multiple times” and the classic “can’t be done” projects. Gearles prides itself on being able to review and assist with making your dream prototype a reality.

Offer design for manufacturability?

We design and engineering products so they are ready to manufacture. This allows us to discover early during the design phase to identify any issues and make updates quickly and affordably. For gear design we take in all the decades of experience we have with precise gear geometry, strength, materials used, alignment and more.  Gearles has extensive experience in gear design for manufacturability and will work with you to ensure important factors such as cost, quality, reliability, and speed-to-market are optimized to meet your design and production goals.

Quality Design

When we design, we plan for manufacturing and decades of experience offsetting cost and additional manhours.

Precision Manufacturing

You deserve a trusted partner to help deliver precise machining, detailed quality assurance and a proven track record.

AS 9100 Compliant Machining and Manufacturing
Handling gear and spline machining, broaching, CNC machining, grinding and finishing.
Contact us with any questions with about certifications and quality control.