Gearles Design & Mfg supports OEM and contract manufacturers with a robust offerings, full range of turnkey solutions for Aerospace, Automotive and Gas, Oil & Renewable industries.

From engineering-to-purchasing-to-mechanical engineers we make sure to relieve all stakeholders pain points, supplying unique solutions that your previous supplier could not including difficult to process materials.

We have over four decades of engineering experience here at Gearles Designs and Manufacturing. Founded by master machinist & designer, Les Shelley (hense: Gear-Les), and honed by his California State University of Long Beach honored son, Franklin Shelley, Gearles is a family-runned and a dedicated firm that knows what it’s like to put in some overtime and get things done.

Gearles has been around long enough to know what can work for you and how to build it for less – and we’ll walk you through the process by making you apart of it as much or as little as you want to be. Gearles strives to use the latest equipment and technology the industry has to offer.

From our 4 axis CNC mill, to our state-of-the-art engineering computers, we look for the highest quality machinery to produce the highest quality products – and we are constantly expanding their capabilities. So please, inquire periodically on how diverse the services really are. There’s always something new.

Admittedly, Gearles can’t do everything alone. We know our limitations. So, in order to make everything possible, Gearles maintains close partnerships with vendors such as, who supplies us with the latest software to integrate our Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine (PCMM) with our CAD software.

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Engineering Consulting

Geared To Your Vision

We often find you can envision the finish line, but sometimes you don’t have a map to get there. With our extensive knowledge base we’re bound to have the right path to get you where you’re going.

3D Reverse Engineering

No Need To Re-invent The Wheel

It’s hard to manufacture additional parts when you don’t have a blueprint. If you’ve got a part to work with, we’ve got the drawings for you. Small or big, steel or titanium, we can take your existing parts and turn them into new drawings for your machine shop. No matter the age of the part, or the type of application we can render your existing part useful again.

CNC Machining & Manufacturing

We Design With Manufacturing In Mind

We can save you money and time with designing your parts and producing them all in-house. If its a specialized piece that we can’t handle, we have plenty of vertically integrated partners that we work with. No matter the application or the material we have the ability to produce whatever you can dream up.

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